Timeless Finery: Our Mid-century Style Collection


Our love of 1950s and ’60s silhouettes and fashion moxie rings clear in our Timeless Finery mid-century collection. Shaken up with a dash of modern sensibility, our cute, curated collection is one tasteful cocktail. Take a look at the outfits in action in the video above, featuring lovely first-time model Nicole!

ModCloth behind the scenes

Videographer Jon captures Nicole strutting by in a perky peplum top and sassy pencil skirt. Peplums are perfect for when you want a a fun touch to your workwear, don’t you think?

ModCloth behind the scenes

Behind the scenes at Timeless Finery

Our simple set, comprised of a chair reminiscent of mid-century modern design, muted tones, and eye-catching, graphic wallpaper.

ModCloth behind the scenes

A quiet moment on set.

ModCloth behind the scenes

Nicole, fresh-faced and ready for hair and makeup!

ModCloth behind the scenes

Nicole gets the ’50s beauty treatment, replete with clean cat-eye liner, a full lip, and voluptuous hair.

ModCloth behind the scenes

We love these classic styles that look simply fabulous on just about anyone! Available in lots of sizes, especially 16 and up, you can dress up in them and fix yourself a li’l cocktail. What Mid-century Marvels will you be wearing?

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