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Curls, The Ultimate Autumn Accessory

Images via Garbage Dress (left) and The Sartorialist

Have you ever noticed that the hair type opposite of your own is the one you most desire? My hair has been bowl cut short, Locks of Love-ready long, and everything …

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Waves of Whimsy: Get the Look!

Bold, on-trend vermilion lips and a youthful spin on the traditional French Twist inspired the beauty styling of our latest homepage, “Waves of Whimsy.” In between mascara touch-ups and feverish backcombing, we caught up with make-up artist Emily

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Top 10 Retro Hairstyle Trends

Curly Mullet, Louise Brooks Bob

Photos: Jennifer Boyer (left), Flickr user ballistikcoffeeboy

As time curls through the decades, many a new hairstyle rides the wave of popularity. Let’s take a look at which tresses have gone out with ‘bangs’ and which have gained a new …

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