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Day-tripping Around Austin with Kendi Everyday

If we learned anything from this year's SXSW, it's that we're a bit enamored with Texas. The Lone Star State is home to SXSW, good food, good music, and blogger Kendi of Kendi Everyday. We asked Kendi to give us her must-see, must-do tour of her state capital, Austin. So, pack up a suitcase, because we're heading into the heart of Texas! Read more »

Take a Trip to Middelburg with Fashion Zen

The next time you find yourself in the Netherlands, we recommend taking a day trip to the charming city of Middelburg. Located just three hours by train from Amsterdam, this historic, southwestern Dutch city was founded around the ninth century as a defense against Viking raids (yeah, Middelburg is that old!), meaning it has centuries worth of sights to be seen. We'll let the city's tourism bureau tell you about the must-see architectural and historic spots, but we knew we had to ask local blogger Iris of Fashion Zen for insider info on where to eat, party, and get our vintage shopping fix. Read more »

A Literary Tour of D.C. with Time Enough for Drums

We’re in a bookish mood this week at the ModCloth offices, with several of our resident wordsmiths off at the AWP Conference in Washington, D.C. promoting our new anthology and running a panel on fashion writing. So, who better than the literate and stylish Annie of Time Enough for Drums to give us a tour of D.C.? Read more »

Our Destination Documentary Winner!

We asked you to share your holiday snapshots with us for the chance to be an exclusive Travel Bug tour guide, and you took us around the world! Of all the destinations, there was one in particular though that stopped us in our tracks. Join us for a walk, sled, or snowboard-guided tour through Finland's Levi area as our Destination Documentary Contest winner, Lauren shows us some of the magnificent sights there is to see! And hurry–there's only two hours of natural light (in Finland) this time of year! Read more »
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Touring South Philly with Tick Tock Vintage

Tick tock, tick tock! Vacation always ends sooner than we'd like, which is why we're already daydreaming of future trip destinations. If you've ever considered perusing Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, then we've got just the tour guide: Veronika of Tick Tock Vintage. Read more »

Nubby Twiglet’s Tour of Portland

Blogger and graphic designer Nubby Twiglet gives us a local's tour of Portland, Oregon. If you've ever wondered where to stay, play, and sight-see in this gorgeous northern city, look no further than Nubby's guide. Read more »

A Day in Williamsburg with Idée Géniale

If you're ever looking for a relaxing weekend in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg, blogger Mel of Idée Géniale has the perfect itinerary for you. During our last trip to New York, we asked this stylish Canadian-turned-New Yorker to show us her favorite local haunts! Read more »

Around Auckland with Fashion Distraction

Hold onto your hats, because it's time for another Travel Bug tour! We headed over to Auckland, New Zealand, the home of Marcella of Fashion Distraction. What is there to do in a city with more boats per capita than anywhere else in the world? Well, Marcella has a few suggestions... Read more »

Touring the ATL with Liebemarlene Vintage

Our adventure begins in the Deep South, where we meet up with Rhiannon of Liebemarlene Vintage for her carefully curated tour of Atlanta, Georgia. With the help of her photographer boyfriend Drew, Rhiannon shows us what she loves about the ATL, with a special focus on "the nerdy things I like best – museums, plantations, and graveyards!" Read more »

Great Scot! A City Full of Fun

With its castle on a hill, twisting old buildings, surrounding rocky crags, and edge of sparkling wharf, Edinburgh is a traveling hot-‘Scot.’ After checking into your lodging and taking an early morning walk up the sun-washed hills bordering the city, …

Read more »