Swim Fans: ModCloth’s Men Show Their Support of Our Body-Positive Pool Party

Remember this photo?


Back in February, we launched a body-confident style story featuring real ModCloth employees flaunting some of our favorite swimsuits. The empowering images went viral — big-time outlets from Bustle to Huffington Post spread the word about our campaign, and our continuing quest to help all women feel confident in their beautiful, unique bodies.

About a month later, the blog team received an unexpected pitch from AJ, a Shipping Associate and Facilities guru here at ModCloth. He and some of the other ModMen were inspired and impressed by our employee models and wanted to show their solidarity with our body-positive cause. How? With a swimsuit shoot of their own, of course!

ModCloth's Men Show Their Support of Our Body-Postive Pool Party

ModCloth’s first-ever men’s swim shoot, inspired by Shipping Associate, AJ (that’s him with the backward hat & super-cool chest tattoo).

As you can probably guess, a men’s photo shoot is new territory for a women’s retailer like us. But if we ever get into the guys’ swimwear game, these big-hearted boys will be at the top of our list for models. Not only were they a blast to watch in front of the camera (if you can’t tell, these guys are total hams), but they also share our perspective that everyone, regardless of gender, deserves to feel fantastic when they hit the waves. Check out the pics, see quotes straight from the guys, then leave a comment with your take on feeling confident in the pool and beyond!

ModCloth's Men Show Their Support of Our Body-Postive Pool Party

Ian, Patrick, & Jason breaking the “no food before swimming” rule.

“I’ve always been embarrassed to wear a swimsuit in public — I haven’t even owned a swimsuit in years. But then the ModCloth gals’ swim shoot came out, and I saw how amazing and confident those women looked. So I thought, why shouldn’t I feel confident in a swimsuit, too? Now I’ll be at the pool all summer.”

— Ian, Community Specialist

ModCloth's Men Show Their Support of Our Body-Postive Pool Party

AJ, Jared, Tony, Jason, & Jason (yep, we’ve got two!) hang ten.

“There’s a lot of unnecessary tension built up around the topic of body image, which is a shame because nobody should feel unwelcome in their own skin. To that, I say three things: ‘Beauty’ is a matter of opinion and not a set of standards imposed by ‘societal norms’, positivity and confidence can really make you feel on top of the world, and LET’S GO SURFING!”

— Tony, Customer Care Advocate

“Swimming has always been one of my favorite pastimes.  It is an activity that should be fun and relaxing.  The last thing I want to do is worry about what other people may think of my body.  When you are rocking your style and confident, you are looking good no matter what your shape!”

— Jason, Customer Care Advocate

ModCloth's Men Show Their Support of Our Body-Postive Pool Party

Mike & Lee’s sunglasses game is next. Level.

“After my wife gave birth this past year, she still wanted to wear a bikini to the beach. I think her confidence in herself makes her more beautiful now than she was before.”

— Mike, Senior Accountant

ModCloth's Men Show Their Support of Our Body-Postive Pool Party

Eric, AJ, Jared, Tony, Jason, & Jason show off their best #OOTD poses.

“There is no reason to not feel great in your bathing suit! Putting on a bathing suit means you’re about to do two things: relax and have fun.”

— Patrick, Shipping Process Lead

“The human body is inherently beautiful and complex in every form of its variation. True beauty lies in the quirks and abnormalities that set you apart from the quixotic notion of attractiveness fabricated by modern society.”

— AJ, Shipping Associate

ModCloth's Men Show Their Support of Our Body-Postive Pool Party

Anyone casting a 60s beach movie? Ian & Lee have some dance moves they’d like to show you.

“I’ve always been very self conscious about my body image, only really becoming comfortable with myself in recent years. Now that I can’t count on a growing young man‘s metabolism, I’ve grown to become more conscious of my health, rather than my image. Shifting focus from ‘how do I look’ to ‘how well can I do the things I want to do’ has been one of the most important growing decisions I’ve made in my life so far.”

— Richard, Inventory Exceptions Specialist

ModCloth's Men Show Their Support of Our Body-Postive Pool Party

Sunscreen is everyone’s favorite swim accessory. Especially when you’re rocking a shaved head.

And finally, a body-positive poem, from Jr. AP Specialist (and lover of bucket hats) Lee:

What makes a beautiful man?
Is he ripped?
Is he strong?
Maybe he has a six pack from doing sit ups all day long?

That’s all good and dandy, but being a beautiful man has nothing to do with being eye candy.

He has to be:
Sharing and caring.
Willing to help out when a friend is despairing.

Don’t let your body define who you are, it’s what’s on the inside that makes you a star.

— Lee, Jr. AP Specialist

ModCloth's Men Show Their Support of Our Body-Postive Pool Party

The ModMen cast: Lee, Jared, Tony, AJ, Eric (he’s hiding!), Mike, Patrick, Ian, Jason, Richard, & Jason.

Let’s hear it for these amazing ModCloth men!



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