How Do You ‘Duvet’? Learn How to Put on a Duvet Cover


Have you ever tried to put on a duvet cover? The struggle is real. Nobody likes a a lumpy comforter, and sometimes you even end up accidentally stuffing yourself in there, too.

We found two quick and easy ways to get a comforter inside a duvet cover. These approaches offer simple solutions to what can sometimes seem like a stress-inducing chore. Watch how some of our fellow ModEmployees show you how it’s done:

How to Stuff a Duvet Cover: The Standard Method

Pictured: Bohemian Bliss Duvet Cover Set in PurpleMedium Format Memory Tunic in Black Floral

Doesn’t that tactic rock? Well, this next one rolls. It’s a unique and practically no-fuss approach, too. Watch and learn how to get a comforter perfectly inside a duvet cover — soon you’ll really be on a roll!:

How to Stuff a Duvet Cover: The Cozy Burrito

Pictured: Paint Me a Picture Duvet Cover Set

Mind. Blown. Right? This fast and foolproof method is a total game changer. And we like our bedding like we like our burritos — well stuffed.

Duvet covers are are great way to give your bedroom decor a full makeover without replacing the whole package. They’re basically like giant pillowcases that cover your blanket for an instant wardrobe change. They’re also great for protecting and keeping your comforter clean.

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