1 Jumpsuit, 3 Ways

Jumpsuits — we love ’em, but plenty of fashionistas are quick to throw shade at this summertime staple. To them we say, why not give a one-piece a chance? There are plenty of amazing ways to rock a jumpsuit — just ask the ModStylists®! This team of fashion advisors is here to help find the perfect look and fit to suit your style, and they love giving tips to help you work even the most adventurous item into your wardrobe. Case in point — ModStylist Molly came up with three looks that prove jumpsuits aren’t just adorable, but they’re versatile, too! Check out her three ensembles, and let us know which one suits YOUR style the best in the comments. Questions about your summer wardrobe? Reach out to the ModStylists via phone, chat, or email, today!

1 Jumpsuit, 3 Ways

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Layer It Up:

Winning Weekend Jumpsuit
Vanilla Milk Top
Detour Du Jour Blazer in Olive
Chic My Language Heel in Black

Add a Comfy Cardi:

Winning Weekend Jumpsuit
Calm a Long Way Cardigan
Ooh Baby It’s a Wild Wharf Sandal in Caramel
A Dab of Dazzle Necklace

Crop Top It Off:

Winning Weekend Jumpsuit
Dolce Vita Stridin’ Flirty Heel
Worth a Thousand Flirts Top

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