3 Inspiring Fall Outfits from Our Latest Campaign

What a treat it is to get dressed for a fall day. When the weather is crisp, but not too cold, every outfit combination just seems to work — delicate dresses are layered under structured jackets, voluminous scarves bring playfulness to office-ready trousers and blouses, and rich, daring colors stand out beautifully against the increasingly grey-blue backdrop of impending winter. In our latest photo story, you’ll find combinations that mix and match a myriad of patterns, textures, and silhouettes in fresh, fun ways. Here at the blog, we fell particularly hard for these three looks, which capture the laid-back sophistication we love seeing this time of year. Take a peek at what we think makes each of these ensembles so awesome, and share your favorite fall tips and inspirations in the comments!

3 Inspiring Outfits from Our Fall Style Campaign

There are plenty of “rules” about when to wear particular colors, how to wear certain styles, and what patterns “work” together. To those rules, we say, “thanks, but no thanks!” This look, for instance, is all about going outside the box. Mixing polka dots with an all-over hot-air-balloon printed top — especially one in a radiant rainbow palette — is a bold choice that totally works. The hourglass silhouette created by tucking the top into a pencil skirt is classic with some subtle va-va-voom. And that gorgeous statement necklace? The entire outfit commands attention and beams with colorful character. On a cloudy fall day, this look is a pretty, smile-inducing pick-me-up!

3 Inspiring Outfits from Our Latest Fall Campaign

In addition to color, we love punching up a dreary day with patterns. Expressive and totally pattern-indulgent, this plaid cape and retro dress combo is immediately eye-catching and thanks to its pumpkin-inspired palette, unmistakably autumnal. It’s no secret that we’re constantly inspired by past fashion eras, so we just adore the incorporation of the fascinator hat — it really highlights the throwback vibe of this look. What keeps it from feeling super vintage? Check out that swipe of hot pink lipstick — a daring shade that keeps the vibe of this ensemble firmly in the present.

3 Inspiring Outfits from Our Latest Campaign

Finally, we just adore this outing-ready outfit, which stars a voluminous turtleneck sweater (a fall staple) worn over skinny jeans, and a pristine pair of pointy ankle booties. Sure, we’ve all sported a sweater or two this time of year, but the details of this ensemble give this autumn look a sensationally chic twist. The plaid shirt peeking out from the cuffs of the sweater add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral palette, and the jeweled statement necklace (a piece in perfect proportion to the generous cowl of the sweater) gives the outfit a subtly classy vibe. From the farmers market to the table of a decadent dinner party, this ensemble is sure to delight.

+What are you wearing this fall?

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  1. Dominique Thompson 11/02/2015 at 2:40 pm #

    Name for the dress: A dress by any other name

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    Is this the blog post that you answer to to enter the contest? If so –

    Midnight Roses dress

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    Name it & Win it entry: “La vie en rose”

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    Name it & Win it: Roses with a chance of pretty

  5. Cassie 11/02/2015 at 7:01 pm #

    Name it & Win it: A rose at midnight

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    Love the mix of colors and patterns in these outfits. So excited you featured a look with a fascinator!

  7. Jessica Quesada 11/05/2015 at 8:13 pm #

    Roses in Bloom Dress

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