From 9 to 5, Our Community Makes It Work

Let’s face it — when it comes to 9-to-5 fashion, gone are the days of the power suit. We may not miss them, but we still want to look and feel confident at our respective jobs. Summer can be a particularly tough time to dress for work, especially if you are in an office setting where the temperature doesn’t go above 65 degrees (aka, you need a sweater 100% of the time). Of course, if you’re anything like our style-savvy community, you know that getting ready for your current gig can be as easy as snagging that piece of cake from the break room!

A-line skirts, blazers, blouses, shirt dresses, ankle pants, and funky prints are all a part of our community’s standout style for their jobs. Nobody said your work wardrobe had to be boring, so  go ahead and experiment with prints and colors. Check out some inspiring pics from our Style Gallery:

workwear2Image via Lauren J.

workwearImage via Nicole S.
workwear4Image via Emily R.

workwear5Image via Ashley L.
workwear3Image via Brianna C.

For these and more inspiring looks, check out our Style Gallery!

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Chelsey is a born and bred Pittsburgh-er. She is a huge fan of all things Harry Potter (with the tattoo to prove it!), and owns every oversized knit piece ever made, or close to it anyway.


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