Community Color-Crush: Blue

After a few days of rockin’¬†your wardrobe faves, have you ever noticed that you have worn the same color (or at least close enough) the entire week? We certainly have, and in the spirit of that phenomenon, we found some community members who all gravitated towards bold, beautiful blues.

No matter your personal style, you won’t be feeling blue in these gorgeous looks from our Style Gallery!

blue2Image via Kierstin R.
blue3Image via Erica M.

blue4Image via Melissa K.
blue6Image via Stephanie W.

blue5Image via Kat O.
blueImage via Jamie D.

Sky, cerulean, navy, and cobalt are members of this cool color family. Which one is your fave? Show us!

For these looks and more, head over to our Style Gallery.

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Chelsey is a born and bred Pittsburgh-er. She is a huge fan of all things Harry Potter (with the tattoo to prove it!), and owns every oversized knit piece ever made, or close to it anyway.

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