Lizz Lovezz: Our Fashion Director’s Take on the December Collection

Each month our talented team of designers dreams up a new collection. Here we chat with our fashion director, Lizz, about the inspiration behind the featured looks, and she picks out a few of her faves.

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Tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind this collection.
For the December collection, we imagined an independent young woman in the 1920s running away to join the circus and becoming the ringmistress! We looked to early era of circuses, when there was a sense of adventure and independence. The design team is made up of animal lovers, so we aren’t really sad about contemporary circuses ending, so this is definitely a more idealized view of a circus: color, stripes, fantastic circus prints.  

Do you think women today have anything in common with flappers of the 1920s?
Absolutely! Flappers were going against what society had deemed acceptable, and they were pushing for more rights and freedom from society (not just waiting to get married or dress a certain way, pursuing sexual freedom, and advocating for birth control) as well as from the government (voting and prohibition). Today more and more women are speaking up against the constant societal, personal, and governmental aggressions we face every day. Unlike the 1920s, women are also working to make sure we are advocating with/for and seeing ALL women: we need to do this together. Something that is really exciting to me is that more and more women are running for office right now, something that was less of a possibility in the 1920s, but something I think flappers would definitely toast.

What are your favorite pieces from the collection, and why?

I love this chiffon tie neck dress in my favorite hand-drawn circus print. The colors and print are super vivid but because it’s chiffon it’s a super wearable but striking dress. You could wear this to work for a particularly ‘cray’ day, to your kid’s birthday party or out to get a drink. It’s going in my cart!

This chiffon trumpet sleeve top is a really great fashion basic that is a fun piece to put together with other prints for print mixing. I love it in this look the styling team put together.

I adore this junk-food dress because popcorn is a food group.

This striped bear-clown sweater is adorable, and I really like how the colors are wearable now but go into spring.

This is my favorite party dress: super simple, swingy, vintage-inspired and sophisticated! It’s made of a high quality crepe fabric and has a really great fit. This one is a bit of secret weapon in your closet: it adds instant polish to your look.

What’s your creative process like from start to finish?
It’s never finished! The design team and I are always open to and looking for inspiration for the seasons ahead. I read a ton and am always learning more about certain time periods and interesting and inspirational women. We do a ton of vintage research and vintage shopping, and the design team has also been lucky enough to visit the FIDM archives. We work together as a team to pull together the concepts that we’re interested in, and we also travel to find new fabrics and techniques to bring beautiful new pieces to life for the ModCloth collections.

Who’s your favorite fashion icon from the ‘20s?
Dorothy Parker because of her acerbic wit and commitment to activism.

Mary Pickford, because in addition to being a huge silent movie star she also cofounded United Artists Agency, which totally disrupted the industry at the time, and championed artists. The United Artist’s building is now LA’s ACE hotel, which the design team can see from our office.

Josephine Baker, whose style was insane (BANANA dress?!). She lived life to the fullest, pushed boundaries, fought for civil rights AND was in the French Resistance (#badass).

+ What’s your favorite piece in the collection? Comment below!


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  1. Avatar
    Mary E Pagone 12/18/2017 at 2:05 pm #

    While I understand the carefree joy of running away to join the circus, and while most of the toss prints and designs are clever and cute, it saddens me to see some of these designs featuring performing wild animals. We all know by now there is nothing joyful nor carefree about wild animals being abused and forced to entertain for humans. Many circuses have smartened up and followed the trend of not using animals for entertainment. I can venture a guess that nothing vile was intended when designing the circus line. With that said, perhaps some thought can be put into the idea of animal advocacy in future lines. I know you feature adopt t shirts and such, and that is a grand thing
    I appreciate your time and thank you,

    • Avatar
      Lori C. 12/19/2017 at 7:47 am #

      Really, Mary??!!
      A cartoon drawing provokes such a response? I could see if the girls were wearing ivory jewelry or fur collars, but not a drawing. And by the way, I fully agree with you that wild animals should not be used for our entertainment.

  2. Avatar
    Kim C. 12/23/2017 at 3:41 am #

    Yes, Lori. Mary is correct to be saddened by these images. We all should be. There is nothing cute about a drawing of an elephant performing tricks or a bear in a clown hat when you know that these animals were beaten in order to achieve these things in the circus. Animals can’t speak out for themselves so someone needs to. Otherwise more circuses would still be using animals inhumanely in order to entertain people. Just look at the bear dressed as a clown on that sweater, that was once a real baby bear that was beaten and prodded and taken from his mother at a very young age to live this awful life. Is it still cute? Do you want to wear that around? Well, many people will just see a cute bear, but I do wish they knew better.

    • Avatar
      Jacqueline 05/20/2018 at 12:44 pm #

      I would be honored to wear each animal print. As mentioned in the interview, the design team is saddened by the horrific past of the circus. They acknowledge and recognize it. However, pulling aesthetic inspiration from the circus is different than advocating or condoning animal abuse. Each piece showcases an imaginative blend from circus inspired themes but in the form of modern clothing. I find it innovative; to capture the landscape and experience of a 1920’s circus into clothing in the year 2018. The creative translation and seamless blending of very many different concepts physically is something to marvel at. From the ashes of the circus, they made something beautiful. They created designs that evoke happiness, and without that circus inspiration, this line wouldn’t have come to be. So in a way, these designs are one shining and good thing that was partially came from the circus, that’s difficult to accomplish and they did it very well.

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