Meet Our Designer Crush, Nümph!

In our newest series, Designer Crush, we aim to show some serious love to the many ModCloth brands who not only inspire our daily style, but also fuel our creativity and satiate our penchant for unique, trendsetting design! So, say ‘hello’ to Danish brand Nümph!

We recently caught up with Sabine, Nümph’s Head Designer, to chat about everything from the label’s start as a collaboration between seven young women to life within the Nümpheatic universe!

ModCloth loves Nümph! Your pieces are always unbelievably bright, bold, and beautiful. What influences the Nümph aesthetic?
The Nümph brand is all about clothes with soul and personality. Our aim is to create clothes in our own reflection of the tough, beautiful, and independent girl who, like us, loves to draw attention to herself by means of her own personal style and the colors she chooses.

What are a few of your personal favorite Nümph items?
Tails of the City Sweater, Bring it Pom Scarf, and the Lavish Lounging Dress.

Tell us a little bit about the designers behind Nümph…
Today, three women design for Nümph. As head designer, I’m the only one from the original team of seven. Among the first seven people who created Nümph, there were also graphic designers, pattern makers and sourcers, some of who are still working at Nümph today. Nümph was the idea of the brand’s Creative Director Per Johansen – he made it possible for these creative women to join forces and to create a brand with a very unique vision.

Peek into Nümph’s design process!

What is a typical day like for the designers of Nümph?
It’s hard to say what a typical day is like at Nümph, since doing a collection involves a lot of different processes. But, in general, we spend around two months on a collection, from the first rough sketches to the final drawings. A collection always starts with inspirational meetings and trips, which includes looking in magazines and discussing new trends and colors. That’s followed by a long sketching period, when we typically work by hand and on the computer, developing new shapes and expressions. Along the way, we discuss colors, prints, and details. When everything is done, we hand the designs over to the pattern makers, and then it’s time to start a new collection again!

Nümph’s based in Copenhagen, Denmark. How does Scandinavian culture influence your designs?
Denmark is a small country which easily adapts to new trends and colors. The brand is designed by three Danes, so we hope that’s reflected in the Nümph collections.

Nümph’s creative inspirations range from vintage clothing to Denmark illustrators and iconic Scandinavian graphic design.

Could you describe the Nümph girl’s style in five words or less?
Cutting edge, twisted, feminine, rough, and playful.

Does Nümph draw inspiration from vintage clothing?
In the design team, yes! We spend a lot of time on looking at vintage clothes for cool details or great prints that we can twist and turn so it fits into our Nümpheatic universe.

How did the relationship be tween ModCloth and Nümph begin?
Nümph and ModCloth convened at Bread and Butter in Barcelona a few seasons ago. I’m told that the buyers from ModCloth quickly fell in love with Nümph, as it was the type of collection they were looking for – new, trendy, and vintage-inspired.

A few behind-the-scenes photos from a Nümph photo shoot.

Do you follow any fashion bloggers?
We like to check out Anywho, Trine’s Wardrobe, and Style by Kling.

What are some of the biggest challenges and rewards in designing for Nümph?
The biggest challenge is to make sure that Nümph is developing and adapting to trends, but at the same time still being Nümph with all the Nümpheatic details, prints, and colors that define who we are. The biggest reward is that you can never be too crazy designing the Nümpheatic way – there are no limitations.

Where do you see Nümph in five years?
Still going – stronger and bigger!


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    can i please see more of her sketchbook? i love seeing an artist’s raw talent in drawing form!

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    I second Viv’s request – I LOVE seeing sketchbooks/journals of creative people!

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