What Would You Do If Your Dressing Room Began to Speak?

Image via The Left of Perfect

For many women, even those with the best self-confidence, stepping into a dressing room can be a daunting prospect. It can leave one vulnerable and stripped down in many ways.

Once those curtains close, it’s you, the fluorescent lighting, and the mirror. And now, there’s another aspect of interest being thrown into the mix.

Image via The Left of Perfect

U.K. brand Yours Clothing has reinvented the in-store shopping experience. It’s brand-new Uxbridge, London, location offers fitting rooms that flatter … literally. Customers at the plus-size clothier are complimented in its interactive changing stalls by pre-recorded messages.

Yours Clothing features “Fabulous Fashion in Sizes 14-32.” Its new dressing rooms provide users with “a unique shopping experience,” according to the company’s Sales and Marketing Director Resh Dorka in a GetWestLondon article.

In the comments, let us know: Do you think fitting-room flattery enhances or hinders the try-on process?

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2 Responses to What Would You Do If Your Dressing Room Began to Speak?

  1. Lindsay 07/17/2014 at 4:42 am #

    I’d find them needlessly distracting, and if they’re pre-recorded, they’re essentially meaningless. Even a salesperson paid to tell you that you look good is more personal and meaningful than a pre-recorded message that would tell you you looked good in a salmon suit if it was programmed to.

  2. Dionce 07/17/2014 at 9:28 pm #

    I have to agree with Lindsay, and add on they are a bit insulting. I hate going to a store and having a salesperson say I look good in something when I knew right away it was awful. It means that not only are they lying to me, they think I’m desperate enough to ignore the looks of horror on my shopping companion’s faces just to hear nice lies. I’d rather have a blunt honest truth about how it looks that a fake compliment.

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