Fashion History 101: Exploring the Slippery Slopes of Skiwear’s History

ModCasts: Exploring the Slippery Slopes of Skiwear's History

Imagine you’re getting ready to hit the slopes: You step into your snow pants, zip up your waterproof jacket, and cozy a helmet onto your head, right? But what if you were getting ready to ski 50 years ago? Or 100? What garb would you be putting on?

We have the answer (and it’s a rather interesting one at that!), carved into a ModCast that’ll awe everyone from ski bums, to history buffs, to general fashion enthusiasts. So go ahead; have a listen. We guarantee you won’t be sorry you did!

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What your ModCast hosts are wearing: Hannah, at left, is sporting the It’s Out of the Zag Sweater and the Nighttime Vision Scarf  and holding the Owl Warm and Cozy Mug in Navy. Kate, at right, is dolled up in the Craft Night Cozy Hoodie and Start with the Basics Circle Scarf in Green and is holding the Fur-st Edition Mug.

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