#Fashiontruth Monthly Feature: Amy is A-mazing!

For our September #fashiontruth spotlight, we decided to try something new: Instead of us picking the next feature, we left that up to you!

Photo by Laura Whitman

Blogger and social worker Laura (that’s her on the left!) nominated her friend Amy because “she has a style that is unique and very true to her, but of course, she is more than her style: she is hilarious, adventurous, sweet, and very understanding.” Amy and Laura met at Juniata College through a mutual friend who wasn’t sure they’d hit it off. In Laura’s words:

I decided to friend-request Amy on Facebook. She accepted and then commented on one of my profile pictures with my ukulele — she played too! We set up a jam session, and soon after that I asked if she had a roommate for next year. We have been through a lot: blog starting, relationships beginning and ending, and lots and lots of roomie movie/pudding dates! We hit it off very quickly; we still joke around with the friend who told me that she wasn’t sure that Amy and I would get along: “we became besties just to prove you wrong!” Amy LOVES animals, and how can you dislike a girl who brings home a turtle to live in our backyard?

Though Amy didn’t bring us a turtle, she did tell us about wildlife conservancy, sweater weather, and how to maintain a long-distance friendship. Read her Q&A below, and for more of Amy’s animal-inspired style, check out the collection inspired by her, including the All About Amy Dress!

Photo by Laura Whitman

Hey Amy! Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, but after graduating college with a Wildlife Conservation degree I moved out to the Midwest for something new! My favorite animals are birds, bison, and bees, and I’d love to study any of them. Right now, I work in an insurance office while I figure out the next phase of life. I live for long drives and weekends spent with friends. I also love browsing in record stores, curling up with a book, or cuddling with my cat.

Wildlife conservation must be fascinating. What are your goals there? If you could share one amazing fact about the natural world, what would it be?
I want to do everything! If I could be a professional tree hugger in the Redwood forests, I would. I worked as a tour guide at a zoo/wildlife park and I really loved the educational aspect of conservation, so I would really like to work as a naturalist and share my knowledge with the public about the importance of habitat and wildlife, maybe for a national park or a nonprofit organization. I could also get into ecological research. My dream would be to study bison populations in Yellowstone National Park, or track birds and their migratory patterns across the globe. Anything could happen!

My favorite thing about the natural world is that it is constantly expanding. Not literally, but our knowledge of it. We are finding new species all the time! And there’s so much we still don’t know. They estimate there are still thousands, if not tens of thousands of species we have yet to find, which are mostly insects, but still. Amazing.

What’s your sense of style like? How do you see it fitting in with your passion for wildlife?
I call it ‘decked-out casual.’ I like to wear comfy pieces but dress them up with accessories. I love mixing textures and patterns with scarves and layers!  Now that it’s fall, I am so excited to wear more layers! I love a classic jean and boot combo, and I have a weakness for jackets. I really don’t like summer weather (Pennsylvania and Missouri are pretty hot and humid, and landlocked, so not for me!) so I’m really excited for the weather to cool off and let me back outside.  I’ve almost always got something resembling the natural world on me in some form! I can’t tell you how many bird necklaces, earrings, or scarves I own. Once people know what your favorite animal is, they don’t stop buying you those things! Most of my accessories have little animals on them, or feathers, or leaves.

Photo by Laura Whitman

What’s your #Fashiontruth?
I look to Tim Gunn for this one: if you can own up to it, wear it. Confidence in your choices makes an outfit on-point!

So you live in Missouri, and Laura lives in Chicago. How do you make your long-distance friendship work? Laura, feel free to jump in here!
Amy: We’ve been long distance friends since I moved out to Missouri a year ago — we lived together for 3 years, and then suddenly, we were apart! It was really rough at first, but I got to go visit her last fall. In the meantime, she is the most thoughtful penpal and sends the most adorable mail. We make time to Skype while we make dinner and thank goodness for Snapchat because I can always expect something from her each day! She’s coming down to visit me this month, too, so I can proudly say we made it work!
Laura: On our visits, it feels like nothing has changed and it is giggling, outfit photos, and thrifting. I’ll being moving to Pittsburgh in a couple of weeks, and I keep trying to bribe Amy to come to PA using everything from waffles to job listings.


Waffles + friendship. Who could ask for anything more?

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