Feast Your Eyes on These Fish Fry Outfit Ideas

Fish frys may be rooted in a religious tradition tradition, but in Pittsburgh, the weekly spring dinners have become quite a phenomenon. Here, fish frys feel more like little block parties — neighbors stand in cafeteria-style lines, waiting for tweens in oversized aprons and grinning, giggling grandmas to dish out heaping servings of sandwiches, fried everything, and homemade cookies for just a few bucks a pop. These mini food festivals appear all over the city this time of year. There are the traditional frys dishing out crispy cod and gooey mac ‘n’ cheese, the fancy frys that serve pasta with pine nuts and fish tacos, and hidden gems, like a local Lebanese church that dishes out mjadra and rishta alongside classic fry fare. It’s a magic time to be a Pittsburgher!

In the spirit of the season, I’m sharing some fish-fry-inspired outfits. I asked Leigh, Senior Visual Merchandise Stylist, to put together a few looks that were fun and feast-friendly (hello, stretch fabrics). Take a peek at her amazing ideas!

Feast Your Eyes on Our Fish Fry Outfit Ideas

Anorak Up the Points Jacket, Best of Botanical Top in Charcoal, Karaoke Songstress Jeans in Classic, Sporty Favors the Bold Hi-Top Sneaker in White.

Casual enough for cafeteria-style dining, yet cool enough to kick it with your friends after your meal.

Feast Your Eyes on Our Fish Fry Outfit Ideas

A Glam About Town Bag in Wine, Friend Date Night Dress, Duo Your Best Necklace, Media Release Moxie Bootie.

Why not make fry night date night? This combo is super chic, but won’t feel stuffy (especially when you’re feeling stuffed).


Groove Been Served Leggings, We Wish You Whale Sweatshirt, Puddle Jumper Rain Boot in Black Dots.

Something seem… fishy? Hey, fish frys only come around once a year. Why not go all out with an outrageously aquatic ensemble?

Ugh, fish fry season can’t start soon enough. Hit it, Mel Waiters!

+What events are you looking forward to this spring?

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