Five Chic Items that Should Take a Hike

Clockwise from top left: Weaving Town Fedora, Something Sizzlin’ Sunglasses, Graphic Diner Lunch Bag, Special Edition Diana Mini Camera in Coral Fusion, and Backpack in the Day

Hitting the trails in platform pumps will never be a good idea, but exploring the great outdoors doesn’t have to preclude prettiness, promise! As a girl with a concurrent love of fashion and nature, I’ve learned that grubby get-ups aren’t a necessity for day hikes. There are easy ways to adorable-ify your outfit, and here are a few ideas:

1. Pretty pack — Snacks, water, and a light layer or two are a must for hikes, and a pretty pack like the Backpack in the Day is the perfect nest for these necessities.

2. Little lunch bag — A little insulation goes a long way in making your picnic lunch tasty. Lightweight and lovely looking, packs like the Graphic Diner Lunch Bag will keep your veggies so fresh and so green, green.

3. Cool camera — For all those sightings of superb scenery and silly friends, a camera like these old school Lomos will come in handy.

4. Sassy sunglasses — X-ing out UV rays is key, and a pair of snappy sunnies will do the trick…and do so stylishly!

5. Heat-ready hat — Keeping the sun off your crown is important for avoiding sun poisoning during these hot summer months. Count on the Weaving Town Fedora to keep you cool – and lookin’ snappy in those photos you take with your Diana Mini!

What do you like to take on a hike?


2 Responses to Five Chic Items that Should Take a Hike

  1. Marina 06/14/2012 at 10:19 pm #

    That lunchbox seems really impractical for anything longer than a short walk–it looks like its meant to be carried by the handle, which is inconvenient for a hike, but if you put it in the backpack it would take up a lot of room. I think a bento box would be a better reccomendation, and also one of your new travel mugs.

    • Hannah (ModCloth) 06/15/2012 at 9:52 am #

      A bento box and travel mug duo is a smart thinkin’, Marina. I had in mind that the lunch bag would nest nicely in the backpack, but your recommendation sounds totally on point.

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