Eerie or Adorable?: Halloween Costume Inspo from our Community

To those of you who have been hard at work sewing your Halloween costume for some time now, we see you. We love you. We aspire to be you. For the rest of us, it’s time to get to work before the most wonderful time of the year passes us by!

Our amazing community is infamous for conceiving of brilliant DIY duds that epitomize what it means to do the holiday right. For some of these ideas, all you need are an A-line dress and some add-ons. For others, it’s an all-in affair, and it always pays off. Check out some of our fave festive looks that have been uploaded to the Style Gallery!

Familiar Faces

These gals won’t be getting any blank stares at their Halloween parties!

We love how Kansas Queen Saoirse I. thought outside the box with this retro frock, how Liberated Lady Lauren of Someone Like You didn’t pass up the opportunity to shine down to her toes, and how Raluca R. ‘Clockwork’s It in her movie-inspired ensemble. 

Makeup Magic

Amazing how a little color—or lack thereof—can really transform a look, eh?

Go greyscale like withln l., use makeup to feign a filter like jana june did, or get inspired by Abby Dee Park‘s portrait portrayal!

Humor Over Horror

Spooky ensembles have their time and place, but these costumes exchange superstition for super-smiles.

We’re so into the way Heather S. strayed from the paranormal and how Morgan P. decided to go big or go ‘gnome’. As for sweetsandhearts? She ‘hat’ us at hello! 

+Which characters or concepts are you considering for your Halloween costume this year?

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Christen is a smile collector, outdoors enthusiast, and avid appreciator of soggy French fries. She finds inspiration in the veins of leaves, the subtle squeaks of guitar strings against their player's fingertips, the train-whistle soundtrack of city life, and the sweet quiet that can be found at farmers' markets.

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  1. Stephanie 08/29/2017 at 8:49 pm #

    I bought a green dress from mod cloth and went as Disgust from Inside Out.

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