Coming Soon: A Fanged Hamburger and Tentacled Milkshake Top

When I look at my wardrobe for style inspo — and let’s be real for a second, on most days a bulk of it is thrown haphazardly over furniture in my bedroom — I often see the basics I need: shredded jeans, polka-dot harem pants, and oversized sweaters (these are my basics).

But there’s something missing. Some palpable zest that, up until this morning, I couldn’t put my finger on.

It’s definitely this Meal Monsters stretch-knit top, which just appeared in the New Arrivals section. With smart cut-out out shoulders and enough illustrated treats to satiate even I, it’s certainly a separate that I need to get my hands on immediately.

+ How would you style this top? Sound off in the comments.

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Rebecca is an L.A.-born (and raised!) New Yorker that now calls the Bay Area home. She lives on the Internet, still hearts ‘90s gangster rap, and does some of her best vintage shopping in her mom’s closet. Also: These are not her glasses.

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  1. Louisa 08/13/2014 at 3:34 pm #

    Sound off is right! Please don’t put autoplay videos in the blog posts. It’s insanely annoying for anyone following the blog via an RSS reader, because we can’t stop the video until we get to your post… maybe 50 posts down the line! Augh!

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