Plaid’s Checkered Past: An Infographic

Since we’re heading towards the forefront of fall, it’s prime time to consider the classic, tried-and-true styles that have become synonymous with the season. There’s nothing that goes better with crisp air, changing leaves, and hot cocoa like the perfect plaid button-up top, blazer, or skirt. At ModCloth, we’ve got plenty of plaid styles for an awesome autumn wardrobe.

We crafted this infographic as a guide to many of the different types of plaid, where they originated, and a few of their iconic moments. Find out how these popular patterns took shape…

08152016 Plaid Infographic Blog PostPictured: Willamette for the Weekend Scarf, Film Noir and Then Dress, Coach Tour Dress in Houndstooth, Maine Attraction Dress, California Twirls Skirt, Medium Format Memory Tunic, Crosswords to Live By Top

We found way more info than we could fit on one infographic, so check out more rad plaid facts below:

Plaid by the Numbers:

  • 7,000: The approximate number of tartan patterns registered by the Scottish Tartans Authority.
  • 1746: The Act of Proscription banned the wearing of tartans for nearly 40 years.
  • July 1: International Tartan Day, marking the anniversary of the act’s repeal.
  • 1861: The world’s first color photograph was taken, depicting a tartan ribbon.
  • 1924: Pendleton creates the first mass-produced plaid shirt in the USA, popularizing plaid & flannel.
  • 1960s: The Beach Boys were originally called the Pendletones, and they sported Pendleton plaid shirts over tees and khakis. They made the look synonymous with surf style.
  • 1970s: Punks begin reappropriating tartan patterns to rebel against the established rulers of British society & as a “protest to fashion.”
  • 1993: Vivienne Westwood releases her “Anglomania” collection featuring tartan patterns. Her signature look has relied heavily on it ever since.
  • 1990s: The flannel becomes an iconic fashion trend for grunge counterculture.
  • Today: Plaid remains both a multicultural classic & a rebellious statement maker.

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