How to Look Cute, Even When Youre Corporate

How to Look Cute, Even When You’re Corporate

At ModCloth, our office dress code is pretty chillax. It’s not unlikely to see an employee wearing jeans and a tee to the water cooler, or commanding a meeting in a kitten-printed fit ‘n’ flare. We know that not all offices operate under the same relaxed rules, but we do believe that you can have a look that’s true to your personality, and still look professional. And what’s more, you can do it with ModCloth pieces! Don’t believe quirky ol’ ModCloth can make it in corporate America? After talking with ModStylist Joanna, downtown office gal Beth sure does!

How to Look Cute, Even When You're Corporate

As an operations manager for a wealth management firm, Beth tries to wear looks that match the professionalism of the work she does. “I’m exposed to employees from all levels of the company,” she said. “I dress to impress senior management and set an example as a manager for other employees looking to develop their career.” Usually, Beth’s look is all about black or grey slacks, a button-up blouse, and a nice pair of heels, but Beth’s infectious, energetic personality doesn’t quite correspond with corporate neutrals. Outside of work, Beth’s a jeans and sneakers kind of gal who loves color and fun jewelry, so ModStylist Joanna set out to create a look that would satisfy Beth’s fun side while sticking to her conservative dress code.

How to Look Cute, Even When You're Corporate

The result is a refined, yet expressive ensemble that earned a ringing endorsement from Beth. Wondering what makes this unique work look, well… work? Take a peek at these pointers, and you’ll be an office outfit pro in no time!

Stick with Classic Silhouettes

The trick to getting creative with a conservative dress code is not pushing the envelope too far. One easy way to reign yourself in is to commit to classic, understated silhouettes. Think tailored, structured pieces with clean lines — looks you may already have in your closet in the form of neutral blazers, pencil dresses, or skirt suits. Once you’ve found a silhouette that’s flattering and comfortable, start looking for those same shapes in fun colors, patterns, and fabrics.

Flaunt One Statement Piece at a Time

Avoid overwhelming your look — and your coworkers — with too much outgoing style by flaunting just one statement piece per ensemble. Beth’s striped, satiny coat is a real head-turner, and if worn alongside other powerful patterns, it might be too bold for a conservative office building. But paired with understated heels and a solid, structured pencil dress, this spotlight piece really shines.

Careful Not to Over-Accessorize

Workplace bling can be a beautiful thing, but as we just talked about with statement clothing, you don’t want to go overboard. It’s all about striking a balance. For instance, if you’re flaunting a glitzy necklace like Beth’s, opt for more minimal earrings, rings, and whatnot. And on that note, if you’re looking for an easy way to add sparkle to your work wardrobe, necklaces are an awesome way to go. Big earrings are less than comfy when you’re on a phone call or wearing your office headphones, and bracelets can be cumbersome if you’re at a keyboard all day. So if you’re eager to experiment with accessories, especially of the oversized variety, give a glam necklace a try!

Let the ModStylists® Be Your Fashion Mentors

Beth had an outfit styled especially for her, and so can you! Reach out to the ModStylists® to get free, personalized fashion advice and ideas for any setting, be it the boardroom, ballroom, or block party bounce house. Check ’em out!

What Beth’s wearing:
Afternoon Party-Hopping Coat, Jacquard Frock Life Dress, Yes You Glam Necklace in Blush, Treasure Stroll Heel in Tan, Full Course Load Bag in Teal – 14 inch

+ Does your job have a strict dress code? How do you express your style within those professional parameters?

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  1. Karla 04/17/2015 at 11:49 am #

    I have a hard time letting my personality show at a somewhat conservative workplace. I’m a cost accountant in a very small office (there are only seven of us). I think my biggest problem is my plus size body doesn’t work with most of those classic silhouettes mentioned above. I’ve contacted the ModStylists though and I am working on updating my wardrobe. I do wish more dresses had sleeves though. A light sweater might be okay in the air conditioned office during the summer, but for those of us who don’t rock the bare arms, it makes the transition to evening difficult.

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