How to Wear a Beanie — 3 Styles to Master Now


You may consider beanies nothing more than a cold-weather necessity — a seemingly uneventful piece of fabric whose sole purpose is to prevent heat from escaping — and that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with perceiving the beanie as such. But then you’ll have to excuse me for a moment as I gush over my obsession with the knit cap. I view it as opportunity.

The wool (or cotton) head Slanket is my choice accessory come fall. Some people dress from the shoes up or make their handbag the focal point of an ensemble, but I dress from the top down. Yes, I dress around my head game.

So join me, as I ever so excitedly share with you my three favorite ways to wear a beanie.


How to Wear a Beanie

on 10/06/2014

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