Like Mother, Like Daughter? How to Match Mom, Not Mirror Her

Moms are our first friends, first role models, and first style icons. We love borrowing from our fashionable moms (literally and figuratively), especially on Mother’s Day — we even made up a contest about it! But like us, our moms are independent thinkers with unique perspectives on style, who’d rather avoid walking into brunch and finding their baby dressed as their twin. To help make sure your ensemble is more homage than imitation, we asked our ModStylists® for tips, tricks, and inspiration. The ModStylists® offer free personalized style and fit advice by phone, chat, and email — they’re well-versed in the art of snazzy styling. See what ideas ModStylist Emily has in store for real-life mother-daughter duo, ModEmployee Katherine and her daughter Lily!

Like Mother, Like Daughter? How to Match Mom, Not Mirror Her


Pick a Color Palette, Then Get Playful

Pick two colors (maybe mom’s fave and yours?), then create an outfit that flaunts ’em. Let mom in on the fun, and see what she comes up with — you might be surprised by the similar and decidedly different ways you each incorporate the hues. Just look at the fun ways Lily and Katherine use sunshine yellow and navy blue!

Layer Your Look

Say your mom’s signature ensemble is a pair of light-wash overalls, loafers, and a casual-cool ponytail. First of all, way to go, Mom, because overalls are totally back in style (though maybe not in the 90s way you remember them). Want to instantly update that look? Experiment with layering pieces over or under that denim statement piece. Mom might’ve worn her pair over a turtleneck, but maybe you sport them with a crop top, over a bow-necked blouse, or beneath an edgy moto jacket. Layers can transform the vibe of an outfit to something that suits your style — like the way Lily’s chambray button up adds a kick of youthful, tomboyish cool to her bohemian, handkerchief-hemmed sundress.

Embrace Accessories

Accessorizing is the fine-tuning that goes into matching — or differentiating — outfits. These little details can bring out the similarities between two looks or distinguish between the two. Maybe you and your mom have totally different styles — yours edgy, hers more traditional. A minimalist pair of pearl earrings or a peek of your boots’ floral lining can honor your mom’s style sensibilities without compromising your black-tee-and-skinny-jeans aesthetic. Too many people saying you and your mom look like twins? Shake up your accessory game with an out-of-the-ordinary statement piece or pair of shoes, and show off the independent spirit your mom instilled in you!

+What’s your favorite aspect of your mom’s style?

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