Ready to Make a Splash?

Rain, rain, come and stay! If these April showers are seriously cramping your style, we recommend arming yourself with a couple of cute and rain-ready items to keep the elements at bay. Whether you’re looking to save your belongings from those unexpected drizzles, or Godzilla-stomp your way through puddles, we believe there’s no need to sacrifice style for shelter.

Graphic designer Ryan illustrated three of our rainy season must-haves above — a sprinkle-safe backpack like the Wherever You Wander Backpack by Fjällräven, a fun umbrella like the Big Fish Umbrella, and brilliantly hued boot like the Lace the Rain Boot. (A cute raincoat doesn’t hurt, either, but we feel like the bag-umbrella-boot trio is a great way to start if you’re just building your rainy day wardrobe!)

Do you have any rainy day style tips?


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    Meggie 04/13/2012 at 5:46 am #

    I live in Okinawa where we get typhoons and crazy humidity. My style tip is pulling you hair back but either twisting or braidng the front pieces and bangs in. It’s a cute look that holds up well to moisture. Also a little hand lotion in the hair helps to smooth things out and smells nice too. But only a little, don’t want the greasy look.

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    Eliza 04/13/2012 at 8:23 am #

    I love yellow rain coats. Not only do they keep the rain off, but they look good and are very cheery. Another tip I have is investing in a good, high-quality clear umbrella. First, the higher the quality, the less likely it is to break under pressure (total nightmare) and a clear umbrella has way better vision than an opaque one. (Less peeking out from underneath.) 😀

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    Joanna 04/13/2012 at 4:07 pm #

    I used to go to college in Savannah, GA and when it rains, it pours! The streets would literally turn into canals! It rains quite a bit there (especially during the spring, a little during the fall) here are a few tips that I learned about Rain Fashion:

    1. Cute rainboots are a MUST!

    My freshman year, I bought a pair of pink plaid rainboots from Target (they don’t have to be expensive, just look the part!) and I got numerous compliments whether in class or on the street. My senior year, after my pink plaid rainboots were worn to bits (those first few years were quite rainy) I ordered a pair of yellow boots with bees on them (which is also the schools mascot haha) from DSW and I received twice as many compliments! They are still going strong and I took them with me on a film shoot!

    2. Wear with a skinnys/jeggings.

    The wide opening of the boot against the tight pant looks amazing and creates a visually interesting contrast.

    3. A colorful sweater/sweatshirt.

    When worn with a colorful hoodie, sleek jacket, or fun cardi, the boots become a fashion item rather than one of necessity. I usually tried to wear complimentary colors so that the boots would pop. Although, an analogous color palette still does the trick! Pair it with something that ties in the cold weather/trying to keep dry connotation of the weather and use the outerwear to lead the eye down to the boots, because when it rains–that’s usually what is the center of fashion attention. No one wants to see soggy shoes.

    4. Of course, the umbrella!

    If you have taken the trouble to put together the rain-outfit, don’t skimp out on the umbrella. Make it a part of your outfit, whether it’s the jumping off point or finishing touch. While at home, I have many to choose from (shared with by my sister and mother), but at school I only had one choice: a pea-pod green color which was super cute with yellow boots!

    Anyway, those are my two…well four!..cents 🙂 Looking forward to a rainy day to have an excuse to bring those boots back out!

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    Charlotte 04/15/2012 at 9:53 am #

    A cute printed mini umbrella to keep in your handbag. One minute its sunny, the next it’s pouring so you can just whip it out and pop it up. They’re usually cheap and cheerful, so when they blow inside out, I don’t mind so much. My one at the moment had adorable little owls on it.

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