9 Patriotic-Themed Accessories You’ll Probably Want to Wear Year-Round

memorial day fashion

It’s just about this time every May when I hear the voice in my head tell me that I’m wildly unprepared for Memorial Day weekend. While some people plan to do things like relax and read a good book, I, on the other hand, just want to dress the part of festive holiday honorer. And, since I’m never quite on the ball with these things, I almost rarely ever have a red, white, and blue outfit at hand. The easiest thing for me has always been to throw on something neutral-toned and embellish with accessories, like red sandals or a blue-and-white striped bag.

So if you’re in the same boat and looking to jazz up something you already have in your closet, these 9 seasonally=-appropriate accessories might just do the trick.

1. Albackpacka Bag
2. Friendly Competition Sneaker in Stripes
3. The Berry Best Earrings
4. Holiday by the Seashore Hat
5. Preserves Purveyor Necklace
6. Day at the Dock Backpack
7. Dreaming on the Dock Sandal
8. Thoroughly Modern Musician Headphones in Cobalt
9. Always an Adventure Scarf

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Rebecca is an L.A.-born (and raised!) New Yorker that now calls the Bay Area home. She lives on the Internet, still hearts ‘90s gangster rap, and does some of her best vintage shopping in her mom’s closet. Also: These are not her glasses.

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