Our ModEmployees Share Photo Favorites of Their Moms

This Mother’s Day, what’s an easy way of showing your mom you love her? By sharing a fabulous photo of her of course! We asked our very own ModEmployees to share their favorite old school photos with us. They’re pretty darn cute.

“Loving this tie-neck blouse on my Mom here … very mid-80s-chic.” — Susan

“Me and my momma! She passed along her cropped shirts and high-waisted denim style to me.” — Bree

“My mom and I in the “Reality Bites” era.” — Cindy

“I lost my mom last month, so I like to share these little moments of us as much as possible. I love the floral skirt and I know it’s really in style now. And I think the photo really shows how much I love my mom.” — Amanda

“My mom and dad hanging out, being the coolest.” — Eva

“My mom has made several pilgrimages to Florida with a separate suitcase full of ball gowns to wear into the ocean.” — Kelsey

“I love this photo of my mom and aunt (the little one). I want that coat!” — Samantha

Now it’s your turn to share! Upload your favorite photo of your mom (or as a mom) to Instagram or Twitter and tag it with #ModClothMom so we can all enjoy these moments together.

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  1. Fashionur 05/10/2014 at 12:29 pm #

    They’re pretty darn cute with mom clothes

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