Model of the Month Emma Can’t Get Enough of the Overalls Trend


This month’s carefree festival-themed stylebook is the perfect backdrop to introduce Emma, our free-spirited Model of the Month. Endlessly creative and fun, Emma’s as delightful as dancing on a spring day. Check out our Q&A, and let this beauty get your season off to a bright start!

What do you do to express yourself/your creativity when you’re not on set?
I studied ballet growing up, and now try and take a class whenever I get the chance. Using your whole body in movement to express your emotions is such a creative and fulfilling experience.  As much of a klutz as I am in my everyday life, it all seems to disappear when I dance. But if you want a good laugh ask me to do some hip-hop… it is NOT pretty! Oh, and also, the robot is somewhat of my signature move.

Describe your ideal outfit.
I have always been a dress fiend. A friend once asked me if I owned anything other than dresses in my wardrobe! A feminine, classy, colorful dress that flatters your shape and expresses your personality is the ideal outfit to me. When it comes to a night on the town, I am never one to shy away from a fun heel or pump. The higher the better! As far as comfort is involved, I will willingly suffer a little when the shoe is too cute to pass up. It’s my weakness!! My feet continue to hold a grudge against me… sorry little feet!

ModCloth models are beautiful people inside and out. What are your favorite parts of your personality?
I can be pretty goofy sometimes and definitely have a child-like playfulness about me that I am learning to cherish more and more. As you grow older, the spirit of your younger self sometimes becomes buried under the reality and stress of everyday life. I think it is so important to unearth your inner child and see the world through those wondrous eyes once again. That sense of imagination helps me in all of my creative endeavors. I am also extremely loyal and caring in my friendships and I genuinely want to make others feel comfortable around me at all times. I also love to make people laugh, or lighten the mood by bringing out my quirkier side and busting out a British accent or a meow here and there!


What would people be most surprised to learn about you?
I am an avid amateur cake decorator. I LOVE to bake cakes in the shape of cartoon characters for parties, birthdays, and general cake-necessary occasions. I would say the highlights from my collection are R2D2, Remy from Ratatouille, and Dora the Explorer. Oh, and an unforgettable masterpiece was a cake in the shape of a cooked turkey I made for Thanksgiving one year.

What’s your favorite fashion fad from the past that you’d love to see return?
OVERALLS! They are officially back, and I could not be happier. You name it, I had every single type – skirt overalls, shorts overalls, classic overalls. I lived in those heavenly denim creations (and sometimes khaki and corduroy, let’s be honest), and I felt so stylish every time I wore them. Oh, how I miss the 90s…

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