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Dear Mom,
Thanks for always picking me up from softball practice, forbidding me to visit that tanning booth when I was 13, & helping me file my tax return—still after all these years. Maybe you don’t realize it, but you taught me a lot about fashion, too. I mean, you used to design and sew you own clothes, which is super impressive considering your daughter still struggles to stitch a button back in place.
Love, Kat

Maybe your mother, like mine, also passed along some invaluable wisdom and style advice over the years. Our moms, after all, were total trendsetters—discovering everything from bell bottoms to feathered bangs. Seeing as Mother’s Day is just around the corner (ahem…this Sunday), we here at ModCloth thought it’d be fitting to share some “vintage” picks of our very own stylish moms. Read on for quotes, inspo, & reimagined looks from decades past:

Saloni’s Mom

Pictured: Zesty Impression JumpsuitBag, You’re It! BackpackWait and Daisy Sandal

Thank you to our Assistant Outerwear Buyer, Saloni, for sharing this quote & ah-mazing pic of her mom. We love how she’s totally rockin’ the jumpsuit—a trend that’s perfect for summertime (or whenever you feel like posing in a patch of zinnias).

“Style-wise, my mom has always been a cool cat. Her and my father actually owned a women’s boutique in Montreal, Canada after they first got married, and to this day she talks about it with so much fondness. Over the years she’s managed to stay trendy and classic—she’s obviously had some fun along the way, but that’s what real style is all about!”

Jessica’s Mom

Pictured: Daytime Dapper Wrap Dress in CarnationA Cross-Stitch in Time Heel, Oh Geo My Necklace in Saffron

Take notes, graduates! Sample Coordinator, Jessica, sent us this gem from her mother’s high school graduation. Now that’s how you work a ruffled wrap dress—gorgeous!

“This is my mom Kelly, and these are from her high school graduation in 1981. She’s really the one who introduced me to fashion from a very young age. She always took me shopping with her, and I always thought she looked amazing in everything she put on (partially because she’s 5’10” and has the legs of a supermodel). Her style has always been very feminine, and she still wears classic, feminine dresses as her daily uniform.”

Brenda’s Mom

Pictured: Yours to Adore Midi Dress in Navy, Pointelle Belle Cardigan in WhiteBravo, Milano Oxford Heel in NavyThe Drive to Thrive Bag

Brenda, our Executive Assistant and Office Manager in LA, sent along this beautiful message and photo of her mother. What an inspirational story she shares!

“My mother struggled with body positivity her whole life because her family would poke fun of her for being curvier than the rest of them. She would sometimes cry at dinner or complain about how ‘fat’ she felt. I look at old photos of her or watch old family videos and I don’t see what she saw. To me, she was gorgeous. She knew how to dress her body and even though she was self-conscious deep down, she never let it stop her from being stylish. ‘Even if you feel down about the way your body looks, wear everything with confidence!’ She passed away when I was eight from stomach cancer and there are so many things her death has caused me to miss out on. One of them being the chance for her to teach me how to dress for confidence and for my body type. (Oh, and to raid her closet!) I grew up with the same body image issues she did which is why I love working at ModCloth; we’re all about that #bodypositivity! She would have adored this company, the diversity of the women, and our quirky style!”

Anna’s Mom

Pictured: Rainbow with Me JeansWillow the Wisp Button-Up Top in Dotted RedEveryday Nonchalance Sandal

We’re totally digging the adventurous spirit of Senior Product Launch Coordinator, Anna’s mom. Climbing rocks while rockin’ a sweet pair of bell bottoms? Now that’s something we all can aspire to! 

“Here she is, my mom Marilyn, in her full 1970s glory. As you can see, she’s a real cool, laid-back lady. Never one to take herself, or her clothes, too seriously—always comfortable enough to spontaneously climb some rocks or throw her arms out in the wind (even now in her 60s!)”

+ What style tips did you learn from your mom? Please share below! 

About Kat

Kat never met a mustard yellow dress she didn’t love. Make that mustard yellow anything, really—see profile pic as proof! In her free time, she loves to act in local theatre, sip old fashioneds, & beg friends to grab Ethiopian food with her. Who’s in?!

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