New Year, Do You: Tips from the #ModClothSquad

Each new year brings about new opportunities. A chance to refresh, reassess, and reinvigorate our lives. Whether it’s embracing your personal style or starting a creative project, these #ModClothSquad members share their three tips on how to do you in 2019.

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“If I look at any random picture of myself, I can often tell what year it was taken based on my attire,” says blogger and model, Mama Cax. “Every year, as I grow, so does my style. I’ve always described my style as fluid, eccentric, bold and since I’ve become an aunty to a couple of kids out there I hope to adopt a mature lewk.”

Her tips for shaking up your wardrobe:
1. Let go of gender categories. I often find unique and cheaper items in the “men’s” section.
2. Don’t be afraid of bold lip colors.
3. Rules are meant to be broken; if you buy it, make up your own rules.

Pictured: Everlasting Impression Maxi Wrap Dress, Ladylike Lately Collared Coat in PinkDesire to Delight Bamboo Bag, Invite Excitement Vegan Heel

If you’re looking to feel more empowered in 2019, then you’ll love these tips from body-positive babe, Alex Michael May. This speaker, model, writer, and creative director has some solid words of wisdom for the year ahead.

Her tips on finding empowerment:
No one is you and THAT is your superpower, as cheesy or cliche as that sounds. What you perceive to be your biggest liability can actually be your biggest asset if you let it!
Surround yourself with people who have your back and are your biggest supporters. They’ll be there to remind you how far you’ve come and how tough you actually are. Let go of toxic people, relationships and patterns and set boundaries.
As trivial as it may seem, dressing up and finding my personal style was one of the most empowering things I was able to do early on in my journey to loving myself and my body to a place of empowerment. Fashion can be an amazing calling card, ice breaker and personal branding tool. That’s one reason I love @ModCloth so much! They’ve always been about inclusive sizing and owning your personal style! Sometimes the perfect sparkly sweater can get you through a tough day, meeting or moment or at least put a smile on your face while you’re getting ready.

Pictured: All About Scallops Short Sleeve BlouseOverall Winner Jumper, Similar Bag, Hat and Shoes (her own).

“Every year around this time we start discussing our resolutions and how we want to better ourselves for the year ahead,” says content creator and model, Danielle Victoria. “I think this year we should think of it as a clean slate. A fresh start. A new beginning. This year let’s become the best versions of ourselves we can be. Do you have something you’ve always wanted to try? MAKE IT HAPPEN. Want a haircut you’ve always been too afraid to commit to? IT’S TIME. Have a fashion trend you love but you’re scared it won’t look right on you? WEAR IT. Let’s express ourselves however we want this year. It’s OUR year to be who we want to be and to wear what we want to wear! 2019 is going to be the year of creativity. I just know it will be amazing.”

Her tips on keeping creativity flowing:
1. Write your ideas down! No matter how small, they could come in handy later!
2. Make crafts at home to help boost your creative juices.
3. Collaborate with other creatives! Two minds are better than one.

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