Print, Print, Hooray: Print-spiration from Our Community

Prints come in an endless variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to suit your every mood and occasion. Maybe stripes are your go-to for work, but you like a flirty floral print for date night? Of course, there are some other options out there for our quirkier readers, too!

Say you are headed to the farmer’s market on a Sunday morning with your pals — why not throw on your vegetable print dress for a fun look like Devin! Going to the premiere of your fave galactic adventure movie? Take a queue from Sedonie and throw on a cosmic print dress for an out of this world outfit.

No matter the print or occasion, our Style Gallery community is brimming with fashion inspiration for your next exciting ensemble.

prints2Image via Lindsey P.
prints6Image via Devin S.

prints4Image via Sedonie H.
prints5Image via Heather S.

prints1Image via Hannah A.
prints3Image via Sara F.

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Chelsey is a born and bred Pittsburgh-er. She is a huge fan of all things Harry Potter (with the tattoo to prove it!), and owns every oversized knit piece ever made, or close to it anyway.


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  1. SaraLily 06/22/2016 at 9:48 am #

    Gosh, these gals look so adorable in their prints!! I have a few of these dresses myself, an avid print lover.

    Also, I feel so honored to be among these gals! Thank you for featuring me in my umbrella skirt! =D

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