Style Gallery Star Rebecca Tan’s Got Some Top Photography Tips for You


All images via Style Gallery user Rebecca T.

The Style Gallery is always brimming with beautiful personalities, so in honor of our vibrant community, we decided to start featuring a stand-out member on Story each month. To kick off this inspiring series, today we’re highlighting Rebecca Tan of The Cinnamon Slipper as our inaugural spotlight. Read on to learn more about this 26-year-old blogger and TV presenter’s British homeland, morning must-haves, and the incredible fashion icon she’s had the pleasure of interviewing. Hint: There’s a bob involved.

ModCloth: In three words, can you describe your style?
Rebecca Tan: Quirky, cute and classy.

Everything you post on the Style Gallery is super stylish, what’s your favorite wardrobe staple?
A pretty, quirky, printed swing style dress. It’s all about accentuating the waist and hiding the hips for me.

And if you had just ten minutes to get ready, what would your essentials be?
Powder all over, black liquid eyeliner flicks on my eyes, blush, red lipstick, and a squirt of perfume! Oh and clothes!


How did you find the Style Gallery, and how has it influenced you?
That would be from my blogging pal Sammi C., officially the ModCloth queen. I simply love trawling through it as all the girls (and guys!) are so unique and real — they have influenced me massively. If I am in love with a dress I will always want to see what it looks like on a realistic, unphotoshopped human first, because some websites can be deceiving with the shape and fit.

We love that your photos are drenched in sunshine. Can you tell us about your photography process?
I shoot all my outfits outdoors in natural light only. I’ve done indoor outfit shots before but hated the results. I recommend not using a flash as it ruins the image and makes you look shiny. Shooting in manual mode also helps you get the best results. The weather isn’t great in England so I always try to make the most of it whenever I can, I’ll move about and see the best angles and positions for the best light source.


Tell us a little about your work as a T.V. presenter and how it has affected your sense of style.
I very rarely get to wear what I really want as it’s often a bit inappropriate or ‘out there.’ If I’m doing a more informative piece to camera I’ll need to wear something plain and subdued, and if I’m presenting something for youth or lifestyle I’ll wear something colorful and simple.

The most stressful thing to dress for has to be a fashion-related presenting gig as you really are being judged. The day I interviewed Anna Wintour, I was wearing a dress with chilli peppers printed on it! It could have been considered a total faux-pas but I think it worked in my favor; she looked me up and down and gave me a rare and amazingly friendly interview. It’s rarely good to blend in.

Love Rebecca’s cute style? Check out her favorite ModCloth piece.

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