Scarves 101

It’s no secret that scarves are an essential for any well-rounded autumn wardrobe. They’re an easy way to add color while looking put-together and overall fabulous. Finding the perfect scarf to compliment an outfit is easy – styling it to achieve its (and your outfit’s) full potential is no simple task.

Last week, we brought you our take on the pashmina. Thank you all for the comments and compliments; we’re glad it was helpful! This week in the series Scarves 101, we bring you the long, rectangular, thin scarf. So many of us have a drawer of these somewhere. They’ve been handed down by grandmothers, acquired at thrift stores, or impulsively bought at estate sales (not to mention, we have quite a few wonderful examples right here at ModCloth!), and though they look simple enough, styling them in a demure way is easier imagined than done.


For this demonstration, we enlist the help of the Mr Blue Sky Scarf in blue.

1. Tie each corresponding end together.
2. Starting with the middle of the scarf in front of you, pull the knots over your head, twist, and pull the knots back around to the front.
3. Pull the middle of the scarf through the hole created between the two knots.
4. Adjust!

If you want something a bit simpler, our best advice is borrowed from last week’s installment. The tie is the same, and the results are just as fabulous.

1. Grab opposite ends of the scarf.
2. Starting with the middle in front of you, pull both corners around, behind your head.
3. Pull the corners back around to the front, tie a knot slightly to one side.
4. Adjust!

I hope this was helpful for all you scarf-lovers out there. We’ll be back next week with the newest chapter of Scarves, 101. Happy shopping!

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4 Responses to Scarves 101

  1. Laura 02/04/2009 at 11:23 am #

    Thanks for the tutorial. I liked the first method so much that I’m going to wear it today, even though it’s supposed to be 74 degrees out… I pinned the scarf in place with a vintage cameo pin and I love the effect!

  2. Solveig Muus 05/08/2009 at 11:25 am #

    How many installments of ‘Scarves 101’ did you do? These were great — would love to see more!


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