Walk Bliss Way: Our Fave Spring Sandals

Braided straps, ankle straps, T-straps, oh my! Spring styles have most certainly sprung, and we gather we’re not the only ones doing a merry hop, skip, and jump in celebration!

To ring in the season, we’ve rounded up our favorite strappy steppers and categorized them by must-have styles, so buckle up and get ready to show off some fabulous fair-weather footwear!

Blast From the Pastels

Backyard by Popular Demand Sandal $29.99
Run of the Frill Sandal $98.99
Cutout in L.A. Sandal $44.99
Band and Not Break Sandal $29.99

As Good as It Glitz 

Hero to Stay Sandal in Pewter $39.99
All Shiny and Newport Sandal $29.99
All in Good Shine Sandal $39.99
Worth the Plait Sandal $34.99

Deep Blues & Ocean Hues

Good Times Generator Flat $44.99
A Lasting Obsession Sandal $34.99
Ms. Bright-Stride Sandal in Teal $29.99
Balletomane Marvel Flat $34.99

Closed-Toe Cuties 

Let the Good the Times Stroll Flat in Chestnut $34.99
Redondo Beach Romp Sandal $34.99
Sandbar Samba Flat $34.99
Saved by the Jelly Sandal in Chartreuse $24.99

+What kind of sandals are you strutting in this spring?

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