Stay Stylish and Warm With Tips from the ModCloth Community!

Mother Nature may be flexing her polar vortex muscles yet again, but the joke’s on her, here at ModCloth we laugh in the face of subzero chills! This is merely a style challenge and from the looks of it: ModCloth Community: 1, Mother Nature: 0. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite layered looks from the Style Gallery, proving you can fend off frost bite and still stay chic.

We love that Holly’s taken it upon herself to bring a little color back into these dreary days. Adding a pair of brightly colored tights will shield you from the winter wind and bring interest to your outfit. Marlen’s hint of MidWestern charm adds personality to her otherwise toasty outfit. Challenge the chill with sunny hues!

Olivia’s nailed winter accessorizing! A chic, floppy hat keeps heat from escaping, and her perfectly placed belt adds shape to a functional amount of layers. Well done! Xandra isn’t gonna let the need for a coat hinder her from expressing sartorial personality. With a pink tutu peaking out from underneath her coat and a bow adorning her fedora, she can still make a statement!

Looking for more stylish suggestions that will keep you warm during this winter storm? Check out our full selection of winter accessories!

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