Black and Blue and Chic All Over

For today’s style inspiration, I’d like to feature two lovely ladies who, despite the doldrum winter blues, manage to seamlessly combine the dark and neutral colors of typical Pittsburgh weather into totally chic ensembles. I caught up with Lindsay, a manager at Avalon Exchange, and Brita, an undergraduate at La Roche College, before their night out and about on the town. I really love how Lindsay layered a pair of wool shorts over grey leggings, with a pair of knee high boots and a sophisticated navy blue tunic, which proved to be not only super stylish, but also quite practical! Brita took a similar “springtime garment meets cold weather” approach by pairing her diaphanous grey V-neck dress with a smart leather jacket, opaque tights, and patent black boots. These dapper dressers managed to embrace the cold hues of a January palette and pull off  youthful, polished ensembles that make me all the more ready for springtime fashions!

Their style resolutions for the new year? Why, dressing up in clothes to feel confident and beautiful, of course!

For a similar approach to suave styling, try pairing the Sequin-tially Essential Leggings with the Studstruck Heels, the In the Year Two Thousand Twenty Tunic, and the Drummer Girl Jacket, with The Gemstone Collection Bag as your fantastic finale accessory!

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