Chain Chain Chain… Chain of Gold!

(Image above: taken from the lookbook of MSroboto)

The moment I saw this look, I knew I wanted it!  At second glance I knew I couldn’t have it…  But that is how vintage finds are!  We all appreciate and are secretly jealous of that fabulous item that is so unique, and chances are no one else will be able to recreate or find.

I have never been a fan of branded apparel, or had the desire to own an “LV” bag.  But this Chanel jacket is so over-the-top, and far from the “classic” idea that I have of the Chanel aesthetic that I would wear it in a heartbeat!  I will have to seriously search for something that rivals this jacket, but until then a good pair of faux glasses such as the Ciao Bella Glasses or the Cynical Teen Glasses and Stephanie Leggings will get me on my way.  And as always, I will continue to adore other over-the-top trompe l’oeil items such as the Nacho Wallet, New York Style Wallet, and C is for Change Wallet!

Have you come across any crazy vintage designer pieces that you couldn’t pass up?  I remember finding a crazy ridiculous Giorgio Armani MC-Hammer-looking techno tracksuit in a local thrift shop; It remains in my mind to this day…

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2 Responses to Chain Chain Chain… Chain of Gold!

  1. Amelia 07/09/2009 at 9:20 am #

    my best friend and I found 2 of these, so perhaps you can have it!

  2. Jade Langley 08/03/2009 at 2:17 pm #

    I found a red, gold and navy Christian Dior clutch, it was a little worn but a great find, I still love it to this day!

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