Chic in Shorts

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Image from Lisa’s Likes

Shorts can be hard to wear well, but these cute pleated ones are simple, and paired with black flats and a sheer white blouse, they look dressed up. Her red pin adds a splash of color to the look, and you’ve gotta love the derby. Check out this amazing silent movie she made as an homage to her hat! Here are some items that will help you get her look: The Cover Girl’s Derby, the Darling Daisy Top, the Victoria Clock-Pin, Eternal Summer Shorts and Black Mamba Flats.

One Response to Chic in Shorts

  1. rebecca 06/23/2009 at 9:23 am #

    i like this look a lot. its understated, but still has a lot of style to it. and the shorts arent ridiculously tight, which is nice to see.

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