Street Style: Cycle Chic

Images via A Cup of Jo and The Sartorialist.

We may have styled our latest Bicycle Belles collection with cycle chic in mind, but we also wanted to check out some street style sites to see what you are wearing as you ride about town. You might want to get decked out in spandex for a more serious ride, but when it’s time to hit the streets on a casual weekend day–or if you’ve opted to ride your bike to work–it seems like anything goes: from your favorite jeans and T-shirt with a stylish twist, to short shorts and flat sandals, to cute summer dresses and statement sunnies! (Just be sure to throw on a pair of bike shorts underneath and wear a cute helmet!)

Via Stockholm Streetstyle and The Locals.

Via Glamcanyon and Citizen Couture.

What do you wear when you go for a spin?

10 Responses to Street Style: Cycle Chic

  1. Elizabeth 08/09/2011 at 10:32 am #

    Oh ladies, please be smart and wear a helmet. Helmets increase your chance of surviving a crash by 85%. And truthfully, I don’t think there’s much more ridiculous looking than someone on a bike WITHOUT one. Please…”engage your brain before mounting your bicycle.”

  2. cb 08/09/2011 at 11:03 am #

    i wear all types of things while riding! i love showing my fashion side even when i cycle. i am trying to design cute cover ups for spandex shorts, as i hate wearing them but pads are necessary when going on a long ride. i have been throwing on cute little simple jumpers when riding and i really LOVE the effect, i can look cute and still be comfortable! every wednesday i do a bike chic post 🙂

  3. Sophie-Madeleine 08/09/2011 at 11:57 am #

    I wear a helmet.

  4. Linzy 08/09/2011 at 1:15 pm #

    I love the dress in the first picture, and the polka dot dress too. But, I love the purple polka dot bike even more! Totally awesome, and now I want one.

    Little Acorns

  5. PDXLady 08/09/2011 at 5:43 pm #

    Love those cute outfits, but where are the helmets? I’d love to see some fashion-forward ladies in helmets…

  6. Jo - Lost in the Haze 08/09/2011 at 8:38 pm #

    I am a playsuit girl for sure! I love feeling the wind on my legs, but knowing there’s no chance of an upskirting incident! x

  7. Heather 08/10/2011 at 1:11 pm #

    I’m an avid bike commuter, and make the ride into work everyday in whatever I’m wearing that day (and I dress pretty much always in dresses and skirts). I do throw on bike shorts underneath, and will de-layer as much as possible in a concession to the Houston summer, but it makes me happy to zoom along in a pretty summer dress and heels, and I don’t have to change when I get into work!

  8. Shelly RidingPretty 08/12/2011 at 11:36 pm #

    Love bicycles and fashion as you might guess!

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