Style Inspiration: Comfy and Current

(Image above: taken from the Flickr account of chrissylenguyen)

It’s summer, and chances are that we’re all a bit more active this time of year. But what are fashionistas supposed to sweat in? It’s not always easy to look good while working hard, so that’s why I’ve chosen this outfit from Flickr user chrissylenguyen. She’s done a great job here of maintaining on-trend style for her hike through the Hollywood Hills by wearing a tie-dye  tank top with her yoga pants and accessorizing with neon sunglasses. Not only does she have a sense of style, but she also shows a sense of environmental awareness by carrying an aluminum water bottle. If you’d like to achieve a look that’s both comfortable and current, try on some  Grey-ful Dead Pants with their elasticized waist and top them off with a Brick Wall Tank. To finish, protect your eyes with the retro-yet-futuristic Back to the Futuristic Sunglasses and sip your water from one of several eco-friendly bottles, such as the Talented Mr. Apple Bottle or the Fawn in the Forest Bottle.

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  1. EmilyKennedy 06/30/2009 at 8:37 am #

    Heh! I just blogged about warm-weather fashion choices. Mine had more of a work vibe, but it’s nice to see we’re on the same page.

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