Summertime Blues Jean Shorts

(Image above: Wardrobe photo from the District of Chic blog)

Nothing says ‘August’ like the splendid simplicity of this woman’s seasonal outfit. She’s taken two very basic items – a pair of jean shorts and a tank top – and has constructed a cool, comfortable, and captivating look perfect for the dog days of summer. I love how she’s accented the casualness of her clothing with a regal gold bangle and necklace and then topped it all off with an ornate sheer shrug. Finally, the heels of her on-trend black booties combined with the short length of her cut-offs create a very lengthening effect for her legs. You could easily achieve a similar effect by combining together the Best Friend Tank in Saffron, the Dream Lover Shorts , and the Night on the Town Booties, then accessorizing with the Semi-Charmed Necklace and the Indigold Bangle.

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  1. Anna H. 08/11/2009 at 10:46 am #

    Love the outfit!–from a style standpoint. From a practical standpoint, I’m just wondering: if it’s warm enough to wear shorts and a tank top, how hot and sweaty are her feet going to get in those booties? :-p …But maybe that’s just me. ­čśë

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