Three Ways, Hooray! All About Summer Scarf Styling

What’s in an accessory? A scarf by any other name would style as sweet, from babushkas and pocket squares to the lovely looks we explore below. Now that the Shakespeare jokes are out of the way, here comes the important news: the stunning scarf pictured below – black background, playful white dots, fun flowers, satiny fabric and all – comes with a gorgeous mint-and-silver reversible tote and is free with a purchase of $150+! Talk about the perfect pairings for all those excellent selections just hangin’ out in your bag right now.

Below, we explore a few fun and summery ways you can do up this superbly stylish duo. Ensemble inspiration, coming right up!

Oh, ‘Neck’ Yeah!

Pictured: Bright Future SunglassesDestination Elation Cotton Dress

Below the chin and ahead of the game, this simple, knotted style livens up any neckline with a vintage-inspired vibe – all while giving your treasured necklaces a relaxing day off.

It’s All in the Wrist

Pictured: Worth Its Weight in Bold Sunglasses in Cobalt, Have a Confection to Make Necklace, Got It All Chevron NecklaceSupport Coastal Swimsuit Top, Serving Up Verve Pants

There is something undeniably comforting – and chic – about the satiny sensation of a scarf tied ’round your wrist. Also, don’t feel intimidated by the print-mixing motif of this transformative accessory! Because there are so many colors and patterns happening between its white borders, it’s simple to let it mingle with other colors and textures.

Touch Up Your Tote

Pictured: Bring It ‘Round Town Sunglasses, Renewed Radiance A-Line Dress, Old School Appreciation Flat

Of course this mint tote is excellent on its own, but with the addition of this patterned scarf around one of its handles? Instantly updated, uniquely elevated, and completely customized.

A little folding here, a bit of knotting there, and voila! You’ve got yourself a solid repertoire of looks from subtle, to show-stopping, and beyond.

+What’s your signature scarf style?

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