What the ‘Jacquard’? Fall Fabrics Defined

Fashion’s far more than just walking the walk; it’s also about talking the talk. How many times have you found yourself trying to describe a unique garment, but not being able to adequately express its majesty? Never? Well, lucky you! For those of you that have been in this situation, I feel you, and I’ve compiled a handy guide of some fine ModCloth fabrics from our namesake label collection and exclusive style offerings for you to peruse. Sartorial school is in session, and it’s time to study up!


Grosgrain (GROW-grain): a heavy fabric textured with micro ridges.
See also: Lovin’ the Dream Dress 


Charmeuse (shar-MOOSE): a lightweight fabric woven with a satin weave, in which the front side offers a lustrous, reflective, and smooth finish, while the anterior side has a dull finish.
See also: Foundation Fascination Full Slip in Grape


Crêpe (CRAY-p): a synthetic fiber fabric that has a crinkled, crimped, or grained surface.
See also: Transition Accomplished Top in Black


Jacquard (JACK-ard): named for the inventor of the loom used to make this fabric. Designs are woven into the fabric instead of being painted or printed, and often times tout a light sheen.
See also: Martini, Fly and With a Twist Dress


Ponte (PAWN-tay): a blend of tightly-woven synthetic fibers that provide stretch while still holding its shape throughout time.
See also: You Raise a Good Ponte Pants in Black

Knowledge is power. And just like love, it’s meant to be spread, so get out there and flaunt your brand new vocab!

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    The logo changed and the mushrooms are gone! Sad face!

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    This is a great quick and easy list! Knew a couple, but learned a bit, too!


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