Style Resolutions: Round Two

As we head into mid-March, anxious and eager for springtime dressing to become a regular routine, the blog team remains, for better or worse, compelled to uphold their personal Style Resolutions. In Round One, Jenn, Erin, and I did our best to assemble an ensemble true to our roots and reflective of our new fashion outlooks. We writers convened yet again to swap styling tips and discuss personal progress, so take a look at how we’re doing after the jump!


1. Wear more bold graphic prints and patterns.
2. Accessorize with jewelry more.
3. Incorporate more vintage into my outfits.

“Being known for writing a blog called Calivintage, you would think I have the vintage thing covered. But over the past several months, it’s become more and more challenging for me to find the time to do some good old-fashioned thrifting! But, it’s important to take the time to do what you love, which is why I resolved to start wearing more vintage! And today, I am happy to say that almost my entire outfit is thrifted, except for my Upwardly Mobile Satchel and Jeffrey Campbell heels, which I purchased from ModCloth last year. Not only that, but I am also continuing to work with prints in the form of this crazy amazing vintage artichoke print skirt! So far, so good!”


1. Create unusual color and prints combinations.
2. Wear bolder, brighter colors.
3. Wear more floral prints!

“I never thought I would look to the ’70s for style inspiration, but these past seasons have convinced me to put down my black basics and boho it up. To meet my resolutions and get into that ’70s groove, I paired the sweetly rustic Rosy Predictions Dress with the tiered, textured Loop of Faith Vest, a wide-brimmed hat, and the crazy awesome I Think I Love Shoe (no, seriously, check out the side view of the shoe).”


1. Master the art of layering.
2. Acquire more fun flats.
3. Have fun with hair accessories.

“Let me begin by admitting that this outfit does not include fun flats or a cute hair accessory. However, in my defense, I will say that I’m layering quite a bit, so, for that, I have to give myself a little bit of credit. I built the outfit above around the Chic Shenanigans Shorts. I’m into the color contrast between pink and black, so I added some soft tights and a pair of thrifed black patent wedges. On top, my base was the ethereal All For the Love of Top. I then added the In Depth In Vest-igation underneath my favorite vintage tapestry jacket. The results were warm, comfortable, and appropriate for a multitude of occasions, so I feel pretty confident in this look!”


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  1. Avatar
    Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries 03/15/2011 at 11:19 am #

    I love the 70´s vibe of Jenn´s outfit!!! 🙂 I think this is where my style´s heading as well!

  2. Avatar
    susan 03/15/2011 at 12:27 pm #

    Erin’s outfit is perfect. The individual pieces work so well together that is has a mighty “gestalt”!

  3. Avatar
    Hannah (ModCloth) 03/15/2011 at 2:46 pm #

    Oooh…. I love the setting. Where did y’all take this? I love you all too… but you already knew that.

  4. Avatar
    meghan @ out of order 03/15/2011 at 3:03 pm #

    great resolutions and looks!

  5. Avatar
    Lee 03/15/2011 at 5:15 pm #

    I’ve been wavering on the Loop of Faith vest, and I love the way Jenn wears it!

  6. Avatar
    zoey 03/16/2011 at 3:46 pm #

    love erin’s look.

  7. Avatar
    Natalie (ModCloth) 03/16/2011 at 6:27 pm #

    Ladies, you are all lookin’ amazing! Erin’s vintage skirt is insanely cool, Jenn is totally rocking that rad vest, and Annie – only you could pull off those shorts with such panache!

    These resolution check-ins are so much fun. I can’t wait for the next one! 🙂

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