This Jewelry Collection is What Summers Were Made for

There’s something to be said about summer nostalgia. Regardless of the season we’re currently in (or approaching), there’s some memory — some flickering scene from a previous July — that we hold near and dear. Maybe it’s from sleepaway camp, or perhaps it’s that awesome road trip we took across the country with friends, but either way, it’s a reminder of how much fun the warm-weather months have been and continue to be.

The great thing, though, is that we can often recreate that memory with our wardrobe, which is why we’re going a bit nutty over our Flair for Adventure jewelry collection. Featuring retro symbols in quintessential summer colors, this is def a fav of ours. It just dropped on ModCloth this week, so if you see something you like below, head on over and pick it up now.

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Rebecca is an L.A.-born (and raised!) New Yorker that now calls the Bay Area home. She lives on the Internet, still hearts ‘90s gangster rap, and does some of her best vintage shopping in her mom’s closet. Also: These are not her glasses.

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  1. Jenna Mills 05/22/2014 at 2:48 am #

    Jewelry for summer – what summer made for! have more fun.. have more liberty.

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