Friends Who Trend Together: Our ModStylists Do Summer Neutrals

If nobody else will admit it, I will: trying out a new trend isn’t for the faint of heart. Fashion bloggers and style icons go for it every day like it ain’t no thang, but sometimes straying from your go-to garb can make you feel more vulnerable than vogue—even if you’ve got your eye on a recurring trend like summer neutrals.

This is where your best gal pal comes in. You didn’t build a sisterhood with that lady for nothin’! Recruit her to rock out those ivories, taupes, beiges, and olives by your side so your style statement can have strength in numbers. Having trouble picturing it? Here, ModStylists Franny and Molly had a little fun venturing into the world of summer neutrals together.

Cool, Calm, and Casual

On Molly: Pepaloves Pounce Into Action T-Shirt, Opt to Inspire Pencil Skirt in Cherry Blossoms, Known by Name Statement Necklace; on Franny: In Other Words Knit Top, Adventure’s Doorstep Sheath Dress, Lovely and Lush Velvet Bag, It’s A Mod, Mod World Sunglasses

First, they each styled a casual ensemble to complement one another—and their own tones, advising, “If your skin has cool undertones, look for neutrals with pink, red, and orange notes. Alternatively, if your skin features warm undertones, be sure to select neutrals with blue and steel gray notes.”

Special Occasion Subtle

On Molly: Poetic Persuasion Shift Dress, Two Strides to Every Story Block Heel, Dashing Deco Necklace; on Franny: Folklore Has It Midi Dress, Dots in the Spotlight Peep Toe Heel in Dusk

Chic coordination can be a fancy affair, as well! And, our amazing ModStylists wouldn’t dare leave you to fend for yourself as you get a feel for it. Their tip? “Adding a fun, bold shoe or bright patterned scarf is a simple and easy way to give your look just that bit of oomph it needs! Neutral pieces provide a great base for statement accessories.”

+What summer trends are you and your bestie looking forward to owning?

+Don’t forget to give our ModStylists a buzz for advice on exploring fresh styles!

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