Stop What You’re Doing — Tavi Gevinson Is Going to Be on Broadway

tavi broadway
James Orlando for BULLETT magazine

We don’t normally get obsessed over the successes of fellow bloggers — sure, we get excited when we meet them IRL or have opportunities to work with them on awesome stories, but we’re typically members of the keep-it-together set. Every now and then, though, someone achieves something so impressively cool that we can’t help but, well, kind of obsess.

Just yesterday we read on Tavi Gevinson’s Twitter (yes, we follow her on Twitter and no we don’t consider that obsessive — it’s for journalism :)) that the blogger-turned-budding entrepreneur was adding Broadway actor to her already insanely impressive LinkedIn profile. After we calmed down — in a non-obsessive way, of course — we found out that the Rookie mag EIC is slated to star in the revival of Kenneth Lonergan’s play “This Is Our Youth,” alongside actor Michael Cera. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tavi will be playing the role of an “anxiously insightful” fashion student.

Preview performances kick off in Chicago on June 10, so … meet you there?

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