Get The Look: Taylor Swift’s Dress from Her Latest Keds Ad

taylor swift keds
And Many More Dress

On our way to work this morning we picked up the latest issue of Seventeen magazine and nearly dropped our java on the ground when we saw the above ad. Not only does Taylor Swift look amazing in her Keds “Be Brave” campaign, but the adorable polka-dot dress she’s wearing just happens to be the And Many More Dress from ModCloth’s own Myrtlewood line. To say we’re over the moon would most certainly be an understatement.

Check out her “Be Brave” campaign video below, and if you’re looking to cop Taylor’s look, check out our full selection of polka-dot dresses, Keds and Through the Wire Headbands, all available from ModCloth!


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  1. Katharine Tapley (@KateDrewThis) 03/17/2014 at 3:59 pm #

    I was flipping through a magazine…can’t remember which one…over the Summer. There was a portion of a page with a few Instagram photos of Taylor Swift at the beach. Pretty sure ALL of the suits she was wearing were Modcloth suits.

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