The ModCloth Bike Ride Guide

Going on a long bike ride doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fashion for function. We put together this handy dandy cycling guide to help you prep for your next ride about town!

First things first: If you don’t already have one, you’ll need to get a bike. You can check your local classified ads for an affordable vintage option, or you can look for a new, vintage-inspired bike. We love this Mixte style frame (above) from Linus Bikes!

Carrying a purse can be a bit cumbersome while trying to stay balanced on your bike, so we recommend a wire basket like this classy Brooks Hoxton Wire Basket for all your goodies. The Paris Highlight Reel Tote in Midnight is perfect for carrying your Thirst for Design Water Bottle and a sack lunch. Of course, it’s always good to do a little research too, which is why Bike Snob is the perfect reading material to get you in the right mood. Slap on a fashionable Nutcase helmet for safety, and you’re almost ready to go…

Start your journey with the adorable autumn-toned Celebutante Romper, then layer on the Touch of Vanilla Cardigan, One for A Cruise Necklace, and The Imagine Sunglasses. Last, slide on the comfy Airboat Ride Flat.

You can certainly deck yourself out in spandex if that’s what floats your boat, but you don’t need a ton of sports gear for a casual ride about town. We put together the cute look above to keep you comfy enough for a ride without looking like the Tour de France.

Any other biking enthusiasts out there? What would you wear and bring with you for a fashionable bike ride?


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  1. Avatar
    Paulette W. 10/04/2010 at 1:39 pm #

    I spent my whole childhood riding my bike around my neighborhood. I haven’t rode a bike since I was 14. This post is inspiring me to buy a bike and ride again 🙂

  2. Avatar
    Lauren 10/04/2010 at 1:51 pm #

    Love this! I commute to work on a bike, there is no one here that really does that, and I wear any type of outfit on my bike. I love the looks from people when you ride by in a skirt or dress, but seriously you can’t see anything, ha! Love this but maybe with some tights would be perfect.

    Sparrow & Urchin

    • Avatar
      jessica 10/04/2010 at 3:49 pm #

      Cute blog.

  3. Avatar
    jessica 10/04/2010 at 3:46 pm #

    If i lived closer to town i would love to ride a bike but i dont not worth 10miles of busy semi truck highway

  4. Avatar
    Elise 10/04/2010 at 4:28 pm #

    I love to bike, and I wear all kinds of things while biking (it’s just my commute, after all): rompers, leggings/tunics, even long dresses/skirts are all fair game. To carry stuff, I use a cute backpack or my Longchamp Pliage tote with two long handles that I can fake as a backpack (one handle per shoulder). And pumps are definitely okay — as long as they have sturdy stacked heels, stay on well, and have enough stiffness in soles to pedal effectively. Just no: minidresses, pencil/wiggle skirts, billowy slacks without ankle straps, or wedges. NO WEDGES. 🙂

  5. Avatar
    natalia 10/04/2010 at 6:06 pm #

    Hey Elise — I’ve actually found wedges to be fairly easy to bike in! I do tend to accidentally drag them on the ground, though.

    I usually throw a pair of leggings on under dresses, so those would be on my must-have list. Other than that, I never leave home without my awesome patterned Nutcase helmet!

  6. Avatar
    Bri 10/04/2010 at 9:20 pm #

    I just got a cruiser! i love it. its mint green and has a basket. its precious. I wore a floral dress and boots with 3 inch heels. i never felt cuter

  7. Avatar
    BB 10/05/2010 at 6:04 pm #

    Go for it, Paulette! I encourage all the ladies to take to their bikes wearing whatever they’d like. While I strongly caution ya’ll against wearing a handkerchief skirt on a bike, there’s a workaround for just about anything you’d want to wear. And, let me tell ya, biking in heels is a lot easier than walking in heels!

  8. Avatar
    Starla 10/08/2010 at 4:58 pm #

    If you like mixte-frame bicycles, you might like these new bikes from PUBLIC ( They come in several fun colors and they are so much fun to ride!

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