Searching for the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses? Our Community Weighs In


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Warmer days have arrived and with them comes the need for sunnies (no complaining on our end). With sun-soaked days finally here it’s time to find the perfect pair of shades to protect those peepers, and with ModCloth, shopping for sunglasses has never been sweeter. Thanks to your detailed reviews, we found the perfect pair, dubbed the “snazziest” and “most stylish” of spectacles.

The Ice Cream or Cola Sunglasses are clearly a community fave, see what else our reviewers had to say about them below:

“These are adorable! I just had to show these babies off!” — Amanda K., Wisconsin

“Exactly what I was looking for – they’ve been my favorite sunglasses for a while now!” — Amy K., New York

“I love these glasses! …They are perfect, I’ve gotten several compliments! I definitely recommend trying these!” — Jennifer M., North Carolina

“Love these shades! They’re so adorable, they make me feel like a bombshell. I know they’ll get a lot of wear this summer.” — Celeste Z., Texas

“These sunglasses are great! Not only do I feel sassy and ultra retro in them but I get a ton of complements. They go great with everything for any season.” — Alicia F., Texas

Can’t get enough of these vintage-inspired sunnies? Check out our full selection of summer-ready sunglasses.

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  1. Rachel Lauren 04/18/2014 at 2:28 pm #

    I always have about 5 pairs of sunnies on hand! I am addicted! If you are in the market for some great vintage sunnies, check out my Etsy store at Clothes and accessories have $1 shipping all day tomorrow!

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