Think You Could Spin Forever in a Dress?

twirlgirlA new year means new dresses, new friends, and new social adventures! For starters, we’re pretty excited about JumpCam, a collaborative video app that allows users to add a video snippet onto an existing clip.

We took the ‘fun-ctionality’ of JumpCam as an opportunity to send a few of our favorite bloggers the fit and flare classic, Luck Be a Lady Dress to start a style conversation that revolves (no pun intended) around sharing the joy of twirling in a dress that makes them feel amazing. See ’em in action:

Melissa of Bike Pretty

Kate Gabrielle of Scathingly Brilliant

Katie Shelton of Skunkboy Creatures

Adelle McElveen of The Fashionista Lab

Have a dress that inspires you to spin forever and ever? Give JumpCam a try, and add your story to one these existing videos, or start your own and tag it #dresstwirl! If you’re in need of a new reason to do the twist, look no further than our always amazing dresses collection.

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  1. The Maykazine 02/03/2014 at 2:26 pm #

    Where can I find my own Batgirl cheerleader??

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