This Post is for the Birds

TanangersTanagers. All images via Library of Congress and Audubon Magazine.

Fans of fowls and worshipers of the winged were all aflutter yesterday, because January 5th was National Bird Day. In honor of this occasion, we wanted to showcase some of the extraordinarily gorgeous illustrations from John James Audubon’s iconic The┬áBirds of America. Originally published in a series between 1827 and 1838, the book captured every common bird of North America in incredibly detailed and true-to-scale paintings. You can view the complete set of plates digitally on the University of Pittsburgh’s website. Wouldn’t you just love a framed print of one of these for your own nest?

CedarBirdCedar waxwing.

Fotor122610147Common blue-bird (left) American flamingo (right).

Fotor1226103534American egret (top) & roseate spoonbill (bottom).

RuffNeckedHummingbirdRuff-necked hummingbird.

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